I am agnostic
I admit it
at least when it is daylight and my
mind is clear from last night’s meanderings
I know that I don’t know
I doubt that I can ever know
a shrug of the shoulders
nothing more
what I can weigh and measure
I can know and replicate
what I see is what I see
what I hear and smell
I hear and smell
I know nothing of beginnings and endings
and whether there is a master hand
or a loving God at work
I don’t know
I have no evidence
and what I see often prompts my skepticism
but just as I know nothing of any grand plan
at times this world can be wonderous enough
to warrant one
I suppose there could be one
maybe it is even likely there is one
but I don’t know that
I can wonder all day long
I can experiment and test
I can reason and argue
I can attempt to prove or refute
until I become exhausted

By then the twilight begins to settle
the edges soften
and I can sink into my chair
to write my poems
leaving behind the rules of evidence
the keen observations of linearity
of cause and effect
and become a shadow pantheist
writing from my heart
of the wonder
of the mysteries
and of the smell of new puppies

Marv Himmel
May 10, 2018 ©