I Know Your Name

I know you are following me
always have been 
slowly gaining  
year on year
getting closer
but I am not about to cower
nor will I quicken
I will keep my pace
steady ahead
step by step
as strong as I can
as long as I can
eyes forward and head up

I know your name
I have witnessed you
many times
but still I do not know you
I do not know your why
your how or your when

Are you guide 
are you doorman
are you thug
or do you merely tidy up
I do not know
So when I feel you close
when your breath is cold on my shoulder
I will not stop for you
I will not slow
I will not give myself over

But when I sense you ready to strike
I will turn on you
grab your collar
wrestle you to the ground
kicking and grunting
hands around your neck
I will not go easy

You must earn me
you must work for me
you must value my existence
and fight me to exhaustion
and only then when we are tired
wrung out and depleted
will I go with you
as I know in the end
go I must

Marv Himmel©
July 12, 2020

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