Pawn to King Four

Don’t rush
Take your time
Analyze the options
Consider the next move…

If this, then that?
Or that?
And how will he counter?
With this? Or perhaps this?
And if he does...

Layers and levels above the fog
Warm players consider their moves
Away from the cries and tears
Multi-layered, multi-dimensional chess
While the blood flows
Pooling on the lowest levels
Seeping into the ground beside 
the broken and the innocent

Marv Himmel
March 8, 2022 ©

One thought on “Pawn to King Four”

  1. Marc Himmel,
    Thank you for the beautiful poem of July 2020 “I Know Your Name.”
    As age advances, it becomes personal. Dylan’s Thomas “do not go gentle into that good night.” Again, thank you.

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