Second Thoughts

I remember the night I first saw you
Freshly crowned Queen of the Prom
White-gowned and tall
Strong and beautiful
Different from the others

From the very first you enchanted me
Mysterious woman child
Dignified and playful
Generous and welcoming
How I came to love you

You asked so little and gave so much
I would have died for you then

But lately you seem different
Your gown tattered now                                                                            Stained and muddy
You have become vindictive and angry
Shrill and distrusting
I hope you didn’t lie to me

You surround yourself with sycophants
Claim the right to what you want
Heedless and cruel
Distant and aloof
Maybe not so different after all

You ask so much and give so little
Oh! America, I am not so sure I love you anymore

Marv Himmel                                                                                                             February 10, 2010 ©

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