A star sprinkled twilight evening
standing on the edge of Portneuf Plateau
looking over the fading confluence
of ocean
darkening wilderness
and the twinkling lights
of town below

A late autumn leaf
settling onto a pond

A sleeping newborn

When it is quiet
When it is still
In that moment between
breathing in and breathing out
That is when it leaks in


That aching beauty of loneliness
I feel when the enormity of the
mysteries around me
creep fleetingly into consciousness
and I become aware
that being alone
in the first
and in the last
is what we are
who I am

When I realize
that no matter how much I say
how articulate I am
no matter how close
father, mother
daughter, son
lover, friend
we are not one
we will never be one
I am not you
You are not me

Like stars
we drift

Marv Himmel                                                                                                             April 24, 2010 ©

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