Setting off for the mountain
innocence unbound
the early morning air
an energizing cloak
for our journey
we knew nothing
of what lay before

Early foothills
emboldened joy
for every up, a down
rolling, rhythmic,
gaining slowly
our dream
to climb higher
to summit
to change everything

Falling boulders
storms and wind,
but obstacles to overcome
hard climbing sometimes
trying to do it right
to hit our marks
upward, upward,
pushing on

But never ending conflict
dust shrouded rubble
unfathomable greed
the fall
betrayed too often by
our own demons

Sitting here now
high on this precipice
I see young climbers below
already in twilight
settling in for the night
shelters fast
fires aglow
safe and secure
but I am not yet ready
for the sun to set
not quite yet

I wonder what harm
we left along the way
in our efforts to do good
what opportunities we lost
in our distractions
is this where we stop
build a fortress
keep us in
keep them out
keep us out
claim success and
congratulate ourselves

I am tired now
age tired
not sure I have within me
one more push for higher ground
have I become cynical in my fatigue
are we the Sisyphus of our age

I will sleep and
in the morning
consider again
perhaps the young climbers below
can push us forward
but will they choose to
come this way

Marv Himmel
October 23, 2014 ©

Photo by Arno Jenkins

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