A little comfort now and then
not so much to ask
after a stressful day
or a hard time
like a cold beer on a hot afternoon
helps fend off those bone-tired, worn-out
giving-up blues

Gotta be careful though
can’t linger too long
or I could start thinking
she’s what I’ve been looking for
all these years
and maybe just stay there
wrapped up and warm
never leave again

She’s a seductress I know
all soft and welcoming
and if I settle in too much
she might tie me to that rockin’ chair
fatten my bones
take my money
steal my pride

But damn
on a hard day
she sure looks good
when she crooks her finger
beckons me over
I just gotta remember
she’s great to visit now and then
if I don’t stay too long
she’s a better mistress than a wife

Besides she’s got this sister
name of Easy that’s looking pretty good…

Marv Himmel
June 3, 2015 ©

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