To Write A Poem

As for me
(I cannot speak for others)
to write a poem
is to seek to describe with words
that which I cannot put to words

That has no voice, no name, no substance
and is sensed more than seen
that lingers round the edges
behind the shadows
beneath the leaves

Words can only hint
what takes my breath away
what makes my heart beat faster
or soothes my soul
or causes me to rage

To sigh
to laugh
to stillness
when pondering my mortality
watching a spider weave its web

Poets are peaceful anarchists
eschewing rules and order
to paint pictures with word brushes
strum melodies with space and meter and syntax
who believe in science in the daytime
and magic in the night

And poetry
poetry is the taste of brown sugar
atop barely warm gruel

Marv Himmel
March 24, 2016 ©

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