To The Couple Down The Way

Maybe I am old fashioned
or out of touch
or just grumpy today
but I don’t want to see it
I don’t want to hear it
I don’t want to know about it

I’m talking about your
passionate embraces on the park bench
your clumsy groping on the bus
your way-too-long kissing in the booth at the diner
I don’t care what sex you are
what your orientation is
or who or what your partner is
if you’re feeling the urge
take it inside

I don’t care what you do there
I don’t care how you do it
I don’t care who you do it with
and I don’t care how long you do it
or how well you do it
have fun
just don’t do it in front of me
Love is not a spectator sport

Love is subtle and respectful
full of hints and nuance
of laughter and silence
it is quiet
and private
and gentle
and doesn’t need an audience

An affectionate squeeze
a quick kiss hello
or goodbye
or I love you
walking arm in arm
holding hands
secret smiles

That’s worth watching
that makes me smile
and reminds me of
the best of love

Marv Himmel
June 23, 2016 ©

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