Something For The Boys To Do

No need to hunt
or walk the fields behind a plow
no need to stand watch
or guard the castle walls
no wilderness to tame
no land to conquer
it’s all done remotely now
behind a screen pushing buttons

But the deep drive remains
the need to show strength
to strut, to conquer
to do something physical
to sate that ancient chemistry

We need something
to ease that pressure
to let it out and channel it to good use
if not, like water
it will find its way to the lowest level
and real or perceived
find a wrong to be righted
a slight to be redressed
a grievance in need of balm
anything to stir the pot
to cause some trouble
to create a need
to go for the gun

We need something for the boys to do

Marv Himmel
October 13, 2016 ©

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