The Switch

At some point
when the store of enthusiasm runs low
when life becomes repetitive
even dreary and sometimes empty
comes a transformation from
growing and becoming
into knowing and dying
and that long slow slope into the infinite

The headwinds of youth
become the tailwinds of aging
time picks up speed
bravado and wisdom
pass each other like
strangers on a crowded street

And sometimes
just for the hell of it now
you feel comfortable
picking out mismatched socks
and leaving your fly half-zipped
or driving too slowly
knowing it pisses people off
and they can do nothing about it

Marv Himmel
June 15, 2017 ©

4 thoughts on “The Switch”

  1. Love it. Made me laugh. I have a secret ambition to feign dementia as soon as it seems plausible just so I can do all kinds of antisocial things to amuse myself…but maybe when the time comes I will just admit that I’m doing it because I want to.

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