Tick Tock

I had a minor epiphany a moment ago
thinking about time
and how it passes
no matter what I am doing
or what I am thinking
it just keeps plodding along
sometimes seeming faster
sometimes slower
and then I realize that while I am
sitting here thinking about time
passing it is still passing and I
find that curious and bemusing
and kind of a grand joke on
all the living organisms that
have only so much time in their life
and they don’t know how long that is
and that if they really want to do this
or that or have a bucket list to
get through before their time runs out
they better get started on it instead of
sitting around thinking about how time passes
and while I am sitting here thinking about
people who sit around thinking about time passing
time is passing…

Marv Himmel
July 12, 2017 ©

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