My Muse Lives There

Beneath the mountain
behind the clouds
somewhere out there
that’s where she lives
she certainly doesn’t live nearby
she will come when she is ready

She has come before
many times
but I can’t remember the circumstances
I can’t reproduce the situation
but I know I have shared her cookies
I have sipped her tea
and we have wandered together in the garden

You tell me you need her to visit
that you are stuck
and can’t go on without her
she doesn’t come on demand
you should know that
there is no need to call for her
to shout her name
to demand an audience
she only comes when she is ready

Shy and stubborn
she likes the shadows
where she feels safe
she hates being judged
judgments are like straight lines
and she is terrified of straight lines
neither does she respond to
confrontation or cross examination
it will be on her terms or not at all
so check your impatience
do not wait in expectation
just do your work

That is why she likes the shadows
she can hide until you are working
or distracted or fully absorbed
when she can sidle up close
peek over your shoulder
and if she decides
leave a sprinkle of dust
or maybe even sit with
you at your table

And if she does visit be warned
she may not stay long
she may bolt suddenly
and leave you stunned
wondering what has happened
leaving you with only faint hints
of your time together

What I do know is that
she lives somewhere out there
beneath the mountains
behind the clouds
harvesting her magic garden
planning her next visits
so you must be ready
set her a table every day
do your work
do not sit and wait
she will come when she is ready

Marv Himmel
August 6, 2017 ©

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