Concessions are coming more frequently now
I guess I knew they eventually would
but it always seems weird when something
that once I thought was a long way off
or maybe wouldn’t even happen to me
comes to pass like turning fifty
or retiring or getting cancer

No more serious hiking uphill
especially no long treks carrying
a pack over rough country
next time I’ll be staying near camp
using my camera or pen
while the others go off

Gave up jogging a while ago
soon maybe even urban walking
I can’t order “two to go” anymore
there is no sense staying up late
Saturday Night Live has been
history for a long time
one day I suppose
they will be coming for my keys

And sometimes I wonder if
these little acts of concession
are a sort of preparation
a practice if you will
for what is to eventually come
maybe that is how this whole
mandala thing works
preparing you for the next
and the next and the next
I expect to find out one day
I’ll try to let you know

Marv Himmel
August 3, 2017 ©

One thought on “Concessions”

  1. Elegant but sad to realize we’re all moving in that direction….. most of us are not so beautifully in touch. Thank you Marvin!

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