Feed The Queen

There was a time
when we were a great city
I remember
but now we teeter on the brink
of sliding into the crowded
ranks of all the other cities
who were great once, too
not every city has their time in the sun
some do but it never seems to last
as the ebb and flow of fools and bullies
measure the tides of history

Our shining city
has become infested
its foundations destroyed
in order to feed the Queen and her King
and their voracious appetites
so the question is
will we be in time to save it

You can hear the chant
Feed the Queen
feed the King

A bad comb-over
short appendages
and a protruding stomach
he is the Orange King
his attendants laugh
as they gather round
feeding him his diet of
cheeseburgers and bullshit
keeping him full and confused
and compliant
willing to do their work
he is a useful idiot
addicted to public adoration
cowardly and full of bluster
he believes in nothing
except the Green Queen
and of course flattery

Feed the Queen
feed the King

And the Queen
so much smarter
plays his minions as they play him
from behind the curtains
she sings Siren songs
of purity and power
of sacrifice and commitment
and of the importance of loyalty
she seduces with tunes
of promises delayed
of wealth if only
and of the duty to work
and sacrifice
and tithe

Feed the Queen
feed the King

And so we wait and watch
and wonder when this assault
this infestation will subside
as all infestations must
either by killing the host
or depleting its resources
will there be enough left to rebuild
or will it crumble into dust
and darkness
a city of ramshackle houses
of mud huts
a city that is no more
that once was
a city that might have been
if only

Feed the Queen
feed the King

Marv Himmel
January 25, 2018 ©

4 thoughts on “Feed The Queen”

  1. Gorge on the new green vegetable, day and and day out, without rest or time to digest. Everyone else is. Perhaps they’ll eat it all, and there will be none left for us. So Gorge and grow obese, and lazy and devoid of other interests. Chase the elusive feeling of satiety with heaping spoonfuls of those empty paper calories. Desperately feast on those bits and bytes of nothingness, until you die a conundrum, both bloated and empty. Neither the Queen or the King will care…

  2. We are so weary of the King and Queen sucking all the oxygen out of our world, of the media endlessly taking the bait and allowing themselves to be distracted by the “comb-over’s” antics. If it weren’t so serious it would be a comedy show that no one would watch — unfortunately, it isn’t a show and it isn’t comical — it is the wretched, shameless political party prostituting itself en masse to a charlatan.
    Thank you Marvin, you are spot on target!

  3. Thanks, Tommi, things are certainly bleak. Don’t understand what people can’t see. Maybe that’s the problem with nice, decent people. Too willing to give the benefit of the doubt until it is too late.

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