Night Lines

The daylight is fading now
the lines and boxes
that keep my mind contained
are softening
melting like butter
swirling and mixing
blending into dark rainbow whorls
of forbidden thoughts
and creative imaginings
tired of being bound
they wander outside propriety
breaking house rules
ignoring social norms
and violating ancient taboos
they become wild archetypal dreams
of love and power
of lust and rage and conquest
where brilliant inspirations
mingle with the smell of sex and fire
and images of naked imps
jumping from rooftops with
gossamer wings flapping
in the cool evening air as
they learn to fly

No wonder some fear the dark
it is not a squared and measured place
and for those who need the boxes
it doesn’t make sense
at least not in a linear way
the curves are softer than the lines
they don’t hold you up
or tell you where to go
they fold themselves around you
and carry you into a current
unbound by imagination
sometimes frightening
sometimes dangerous
always exhilarating
so breathe deeply
make a few notes if you must
but mostly pay attention
and remember
the curves are where the treasures lie
the curves are the magic

Marv Himmel
February 14, 2018 ©

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