The Natural Light of Morning

“You’ll ruin your eyes”
Mom used to say
“You need more light”
“Turn on the lamp”

But I like the natural light
of morning and of twilight
sitting by the window
steaming coffee in hand
and a good book
I can still hear her voice

What she didn’t know
what I didn’t understand then
that’s when the folds and wrinkles
are visible
that’s when imagination thrives
and I can summon the magic
to carry me out of logic and rules
and into realms of fancy
and wild adventure

Daylight is for science
and parallelograms
for ledgers and procedurals
and well-measured linearity

But slip behind a fold
and I can be anywhere
I can be anything
unbound from
daylight’s strictures
and judgements

I can fly

Marv Himmel
July 6, 2016 ©

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