Questions For A Red-Tailed Hawk

When you dive
for the young rabbit
in the field below
do you feel regret
are you overcome
with the mysteries of your existence
or do you know what I do not
do you understand the universe
and your place in it
my feathered merciless consumer
is it no mystery at all
is it just who you are
and what you do
are you at peace
with life and death in equal measure
are you no more than
a creature on the hunt
for food and shelter
for water and a mate

I want there to be magic
but I am not so sure there is
call me crazy if you will
but I want there to be more
than mere consumption
just to stay alive
so I will conjure my own
my own meanings
I will tell the stories
of love and wonder
and perpetuate the myths
of hope and truth and fair play
in the hopes that someday
some of them are true
and that magic stays alive

Marv Himmel
April 27, 2017 ©

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