What I’d Like for Christmas, 2016

I’d like the wind to pass me by today
blow round me
and leave me in a bubble
where it is peaceful
so I can rest for a while
without being angry
or sad

I’d like some relief from the
intensity of these times
a timeout
that would be nice
though likely there is no escaping
so I am sure I will be back
ready to engage again

I’d like to surround myself with people
who don’t want too much
who understand balance and harmony
and the constancy of change
who are willing to work toward the middle
and not the extreme
who understand community
and all that entails
of listening and wondering and sharing
and of graceful compromise
in the search for elegant answers
to difficult questions

I’d like better alternatives
to aggression
to control
to violence
and a better response to zealotry
or a gun in the face
or greed on any scale

I’d like any of these
I’d like all of these
I’d like just one of these
but for today at least
just for today
and perhaps tomorrow
I’d like the wind to pass me by

Marv Himmel
December 8, 2016 ©

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