Black Cape Lady

Black cape lady
She been comin’ down to this old town long as I been here
She walks about all wrapped in black from comin‘ off the moor
And pauses every now and then in front of someone’s door

Black cape lady
You can find her waitin’ often in front of county morgue
or along side Martha’s birthin’ house down by Steven’s bridge
or sometimes just a walkin’ out on Suicide Ridge

Black cape lady
She keeps her face in shadows ‘neath that black dark cloak
And ask folks what she looks like, they never seem to know
For fear they never look at her or even say “Hello”

Black cape lady
Some say she’s seekin’ hidin’ spots to wait for late night hours
When strength is spent and lives are run
To wreck a little havoc and do what must be done

Black cape lady
Collects the souls of weary ones and them that wanna go
She brings ‘em in, she holds ‘em close, she takes ‘em in her sway
Then folds her cloak about them and sends ‘em on their way

Black cape lady
I’m bored, I’m tired, I’m restless; new adventures what I dream
I wanna soar through timeless space; see old stars give birth
and live on strange new worlds full of mysteries and mirth

Black cape lady
I see her comin’ down the road now headin’ towards my house
And wantin’ to be proper not wantin’ to be late
I best get myself a movin’ and meet her at the gate

Black cape lady
Never been this close before, never seen you in the light
And Damn! You are a looker, a warm and friendly face
with eyes that glow forever; I welcome your embrace

Marv Himmel

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