I Am Fire

Who am I you ask?

I am fire. I am fire. I am fire.

Since your earliest morning I have warmed your caves, heated your homes, and kept back the night. I have seared your flesh, hardened your steel, and cleared your fields. You huddled round me at Actium, at Hastings, and at Gettysburg. I have been with you forever and yet you do not know me?

I am fire. I am fire. I am fire.

I am the door and the building. I am the cover and the book. I am the portal to all that has ever been and to all that will ever be.

Look into me now. See your ancients scrabble from the muck, see your cities rise, see planets conquered, stars die, and galaxies fade.

Look into me now. See your faintest hopes realized, see your darkest fears exposed, see your closest secrets uncovered, and your wildest imaginings come true.

I am light. I am heat. I am energy.

I am the keeper. I am the source.

Nothing is before me. Nothing is after me.

I am alpha. I am Omega.

I am fire. I am fire. I am fire.

Marv Himmel                                                                                                             February 17, 2010

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