Me n’ Jeanie

A time
when coffee in the beard
and late for lunch
is no way to begin
and burned hot dogs in the rain
is no picnic
except for me ‘n Jeanie

A time
for I Ching on the table
for love signs
and great debates
over beer and
parmesan popcorn

A time
of trading red shirts with holes
for brown shirts with holes
of fasting between pizza and ribs
of gin rummy and
house rules where you can’t
hold your cards

A time
of cooking
coffee in a bar
Honeysuckle Rose
and green eyes peering from a
sleeping bag cocoon
early on a cool Sunday morning

A time
of popcorn and Hoyt Axton
of quiet eyes that need no voice
of laughter
of silence
of comfort

A time
of the future flowing into the past
of this moment perched timidly
on its crest

A time
of butterflies

A time
I will remember

Marv Himmel ©

Sometime in the 1970s

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