Do It Over

She handed back the paper
where boldly etched in red
her letters scorched into it
“Do it over, Marv.” It said

Come try again next Thursday
go give your mind a rest
you did not do your parking well
you failed your driving test

I’ll fix the car myself this time
to save us all some money
damn, I left a wire loose
don’t laugh, it isn’t funny

Hang the picture over there
oh that’s an ugly sight
remove the nails take it down
and this time get it right

So its gone throughout my days
when ere I rolled the dice
almost any task I took
I had to do it twice

Install the faucet in the sink
dig a hole to plant a tree
most of the time it wasn’t right
do it over one, two, three

And though it seems it’s all been bad
there is one night I do remember
a date I had one autumn eve
late in a sweet September

Young lady moist and silken soft
ah what’s a lad to do
when she whispered in my ear
“Do it over Marv, you work is not yet through.”

Ah! What’s a lad to do

And now my life is near complete
no more I’ll be a rover
I’m waiting just to hear that voice
“Marv, you better do it over.”

Marv Himmel
February 12, 2015 ©

                            Rev. 3.00212.dio

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