In The Bubble

Reluctantly accepting
the indifference of the universe
its cold, dark, inscrutable beauty
I turn instead to search for
meaning inside the bubble

But it’s messy here
so much drama
endless variations
of games played online
in search of perfect matches

And when not pursuing love,
or food, or sleep
or taking children
to after-school activities
fill our time building cities
baking cookies, warring,
and spoiling the Earth
in the name of progress

“More” is the anthem
hero-ism the poetry of aggression
karma and “mysterious ways”
sufficient explanations
and self-serving acquisition
interpreted as legendary vision

Sanity comes hard here
I often gaze at passing clouds
and nighttime stars
cold pristine elegance
they seem at distance
comforting and
so much simpler

Then I breathe deeply
consoling myself that
in spite of the messiness
at least it is warm here inside
often lively
and there is laughter

Marv Himmel
February 16, 2015 ©

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