Bench Sittin’ At Friday Harbor

A rocky knoll overlooking the harbor
couple of old dudes
sitting on a bench in the afternoon shade
watching the ferries come and go
homecomings for some
leavings for others
sloops and ketches and power boats
dart and glide in the bay
for tourists a lazy day’s pleasure wandering about
buying destination trinkets
and supping on forbidden dietary delicacies

They watch mostly
pointing out a dog crapping on the park lawn
laughing at the rolling eyes and tilted noses of passersby
and the guilty remonstrances of an embarrassed owner
they nudge shoulders at the flaring of a sundress
caught by sudden breeze
then drift into momentary fantasies
being of an age now
where such fantasies are safe indulgences

They know their time is short
most of their adventures behind
only the big one left
the young folk
swimming and sailing
hiking and cycling
remind them of earlier days and their time in the sun
memories swirl like the harbor breeze
old reminiscences of good times and bad
loves found and lost
of winning and losing
and of best intentions gone bad

They come to the bench every afternoon
weather permitting
and watch and remember
and share old stories
embellishing now and then to keep them fresh
all the while knowing that
harbors are places for resting
not for staying
so for this time
these afternoons
they enjoy the camaraderie of good fellowship
spending their time bench sittin’ at Friday Harbor

Marv Himmel
July 19, 2015 ©

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