Flaws — Reflections On Having Built a Shed

I wanted to create something from the ground up
this time
no kit
no blueprint
just pencils, straight edge, and graph paper
each square one foot
allowance for the kerf
sixteen inch centers
saw, hammer, nails
part engineering
part carpentry
part art
to prove that I could
but Robert or Vincent or Frank I am not

Now finally complete
I am satisfied
I know there are flaws and dissatisfactions
but they are hidden where few will notice
buried treasure for those who search
in the interim
I accept the neighbors compliments
Nice Job!
Its Great!
Wish I could do that!
and smile
knowing that it is far from perfect

I wouldn’t want to do it again
once is enough
I don’t like doing things over
the discovery is gone
just as I would never write the same poem twice
and as with every poem I write
there are flaws and frustrations
I know where most of them are
but I won’t tell

I hope you like my shed
I like it
its pretty good I think

Marv Himmel
July 7, 2015 ©

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