I Remember: Notes From a Father

I remember
I remember all of it
just because I don’t talk about it
don’t think I have forgotten
I remember

Something about the sharing
the retelling
scares me
I am not ready yet for
“Do you remember…?” parties
But I do remember

I am afraid that in the telling
in the sharing
it may change somehow
may lose some small essence
or whole piece even
knowing that words alone are limited
you had to be there
So I remember

If I keep them close
in my head
in my heart
I can still feel how it was
to be there
to be then
when you were young
and played
and sang
and wondered
but I am afraid if I let them out
those memories
I might lose them
and I just can’t do that
not yet
So I remember

Marv Himmel
February 2, 2016 ©

Photo by:  Arno Jenkins @ www.arnojenkins.com

3 thoughts on “I Remember: Notes From a Father”

  1. Ahhhh. I don’t know whether to reflect upon my own childhood or my children’s after reading this. Conflicted, distraught, amused and satisfied…all at once.

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