Swimming In An Alpine Lake In Late Summer

A day’s hike through intermittent sun
and forested shade of the western slope
up towards the snow covered mountain
and the crystalline forest lake at its base

Wading in
watching for crawdads
and rocks
and sticks
icky, gooey sensuous mud
oozing between my toes

The water
warm in the late summer sun
soft and embracing like cotton
until I dive beneath
crossing the thermocline
to the cold, cold sharpness
of the water beneath
that sucks away my breath

Stroking to the center of the lake
I rest for a moment
roll onto my back
and find the great mountain
perched on my chest
watching me
like a patient cat waking
me in the morning
watching me
this tiny man
in the middle of this alpine pearl
in this perfect moment
and it is sweet
and I am small
and I am happy

Marv Himmel
February 11, 2016 ©

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