Body tired
leaning against my truck
after a workout
feet planted to the ground
face tilted to the warming sun
an old warrior recharging tired batteries

At times like these
when I am spent
and it is quiet
my mind wanders

Today’s epiphany
this sun
this ground
this connection
satisfies my soul

More I realize
than any room full of people
any club membership
I have ever known

Hanging out has never drawn me
are more obligation than sustenance

My friends and family help me through
but this connection
this wanting to be one with
is what I have been seeking

I want this moment
this feeling to stay with me
to keep it close
but it is elusive
like grasping water

My phone rings

It slips away
leaving behind hints and shadows
a teasing peek into mystery
that may not come again

And once more leaves me wanting


Marv Himmel
May 18, 2016 ©

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