Morning Rituals

Fill the pot
turn the burner to high
set-up the cone and filter
five scoops, slightly rounded
just right

Check the forecast
glance at the news
maybe a word game
or sudoku on the computer
waiting for the water to boil
and my first cup of the day

My morning rituals
I like their comfort

That’s why they’re rituals I guess
they don’t take my attention
especially early morning rituals
like that first cup
or needing to pee
or feeling for the morning breeze
before the analyzing kicks in
before the morning’s beauty subsides
beneath practicalities

I noticed another one today
something I do every morning
without thinking
without fail at the back door
between the kitchen and my office
I pull the cord on the bamboo shade
covering the window
and look out into the darkness
at the pond for critters swimming
at the pathway to see if it has rained
at the horizon to look for growing light
almost as if I am not certain
the sun will rise again today

And I wonder
have I always been this curious
is it buried somewhere within me
a need to confirm the morning
or is it part of who we are
needing to see first light
to assure the coming day
and is it hope or fear that makes me look
is it my age
things are more finite now
or perhaps the changing climate
or the time in which we live
that prompts me to check
for the morning
every morning
while my coffee is brewing

Marv Himmel                                                         April 21, 2016 ©

2 thoughts on “Morning Rituals”

  1. Somnambulism. Wake up, put in eye drops, drink water, walk to bathroom, walk back to bedroom, put on bathrobe, slippers, find phone, turn on light, walk downstairs, turn on tv, pour a cup of yesterday’s decaf, add sugar, milk, put in microwave, feed cat, open blinds, turn on computer, get coffee, sit at computer, read Marv’s poem. Life is good. 🙂

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