My Little Black Hole

I’m gonna dig a hole
out in the back yard
my own little black hole
that’ll suck in all the stuff I don’t want anymore
the old tools
the books I’ll never read again
the bad photos
and the memories that weigh me down
the hurtful things I have said
my shameful indifferences
my callous disregards
those times when I could have done better
but chose not to
and I’m gonna put all the mean
people I have met in there too
the ones that pissed me off
or treated me badly
or dismissed me as unimportant
you’re all going in there
the unwanted aggregate of a lifetime
I’m gonna start over
a clean slate
done with the baggage of 70 some odd years
and when I’ve cleaned everything out
I gonna cover it over with manure
and some dirt and mulch it real good
and I’m gonna plant a yellow pansy on top of it
I think it’ll do real well

Marv Himmel
July 11, 2016 ©

2 thoughts on “My Little Black Hole”

  1. Hey Marv, I think I read something about you attending Westfir HS back in the late 50s, early 60s. My parents taught there then. Did you know Dennis Ekanger? We lived across the hall from he and his mother in the old teacherage. Norm

    1. I graduated in 62. Dennis graduated a year later. I actually attended Westfir schools from K through 12. Definitely remember the teacherage and the gradeschool, but unfortunately I don’t remember your parents. Too many years I guess. I am in touch with Timi Swanson who also lived in the teacherage and knew Dennis pretty will.

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