Pond rimmed with ice
Fog low over the water
Early morning in the park
It’s Christmas
An old man on a bench alone
With Christmas memories of so many years

The spare, rich mornings of his youth
Their first Christmas together
The blending of traditions
Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
All at once or one at a time?
Garish red socks from her mother every year
for ten years running
Children and laughter
and bed slats wrapped as a gift

Christmas cards
Last minute shopping frenzies
Late night wrapping sessions
Sparkling morning eyes
Too many gifts
Too much money
Too much time

Years gone by now
Calendars for those who remain
Gift cards for the grandchildren
Simple Quick Dull Manageable
It had been glorious fun

Last night he dreamed of red socks

Marv Himmel
January, 2010 ©

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