Holiday Ditty

Thanksgiving’s done
and guests all gone
There’s hoary frost around the pond

With fire lit
and burning bright
we turn a toast to Christmas night

To families dear
and friends gone by
to dreams of peace and mincemeat pie

But ere we fold
and wrap and tie
There’s much to do ‘tween now and nigh

So off to nap,
I need to rest
tomorrow morn will be a test

Black Friday’s here
its shopping time
I must be near the first in line

So throw an elbow
crash the door
rush a cart out on the floor

Flat screen sets
I’ll take one or three
Oh! my God, they’re nearly free!

There’s kitchen stuff
and mobile phones
And shopping skills I need to hone

Ah! there a crowd
all gathered round
I have to see what they have found

And just in case
I must get two
I do not know what it will do

I fill my cart
with shiny brights
that I might need on late, late nights

So on I go
in search of deals
more than willing to skip my meals

Rush on, rush on
the store next door
I want more and more and more

Now home at last
I look around
at all the goodies up and down

There’s large and small
and oh so fine
I see that all of it is mine

It’s all for me
and not for gifts
they will get certificates

Must get some sleep
and come to ground
from frantic night upon the town

Morning comes in slow today
And coffee brings me no relief
As I look ’round in disbelief

I don’t know what others thought
I can’t believe all the shit I bought

Marv Himmel
November 29, 2012 ©

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