Do Not Tell Me Ever

If you discover why we laugh
or the chemistry of love
if you dismantle beauty
or find the DNA of joy
well good for you
for digging deep
for finding out what’s so
but do not tell me ever
I do not want to know

If you build a swinging bridge
or travel to the stars
if you ken the strains and stresses
or measure twice to cut but once
well good for you
for taking care
the things you need to know
assuring all is right and safe
ere on your way you go

But do not dissect courage
nor question what of fear
nor why we sigh
nor still our breath
nor feel our beating heart
do not cut or weigh or measure
or poke or prod or pry
just let me be in wonder
of things I need not know
nor care not what
nor how nor why
but leave it all in mystery
and do not tell me ever
just let my child be

Marv Himmel
March 29, 2017 ©

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