We are not of God stuff
of space and quarks
of dark energy and timelessness
those are forever things
and we are not forever beings

We are of earthly stuff
of tissue and fiber
of birth and death
of frailties
of time
of transience

Gods are made of sterner stuff
they play in emptiness
between unknowns
they live among contradictions
they are of permanence
outside of time
before the Big Bang
after eternity

Our little gods are
not gods at all
but contrived apparitions
for frightening the masses
controlling the weak and
lining the coffers of small men
they are merely justifications

But for those other Gods
those Gods outside of time
we mortals are unlikely
even whimsical entertainment
for a slow Saturday evening
as unaware of us
as we are of the movement
of atoms beneath our feet

So for me
I will build my house
of living stuff
of wood and straw
of time-bound things
that come and go
and waste away
like me
so that others
may one day take my place
and they too
have their time in the light.

Marv Himmel
June 25, 2014 ©

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