Getting Dressed

Sorting through my armament
trying to find the right combinations
that are appropriate for today
and that fit my mood
it’s not so easy knowing what to wear
how I want to appear outside
I can’t just go like this
they would see me for who I am
and that would make me vulnerable
to the indignities of their judgments

Arrogance perhaps
or snobby intellectualism
to keep you away
maybe a hint of aggression
a touch of low boiling rage
or better yet madness
it is hard to choose
a swatch of aloofness
a hint of cold indifference
perhaps sneering contempt
or even playful and silly
no threat
it is dangerous out there
dangerous for my person
and for my soul
I must choose carefully
I must be safe

At least I know
that at the end of the day
when I am home again
the drawbridge safely up
the doors all locked
my palace secure
I can switch off my protective shields
remove these armors
and dance
and giggle
and weep
and shout
however inappropriately I want
for as long and loud as I wish

Marv Himmel
December 7, 2017 ©

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