On Finishing My Fence

Do you want to see my fence
I built it over Christmas
It turned into quite a project
Walk with me
I’ll show you

I started it years ago
Never finished it
I guess I really don’t like fences
But I have a pond in the yard
and there are little ones nearby now
So that’s what I did over Christmas
I finished it

Fences reflect what is wrong
with us I think
They warn, “Keep out!”
“Stay on your side.”
“You’re not welcome here.”
They shout, “Me!”
They shriek, “Mine!”
They whisper, “I am afraid.”

Rivers and mountains
are natural fences
Canyons and oceans
and blackberry patches work well
Nothing so stark as chain link
or cedar slats
No need for razor wire
No locks
No “Posted” signs
whatever “Posted” means

You say it looks great
Well thank you
I changed some things
Things I learned from last time
But still there are flaws
No matter how hard I try
I know where they are
I can show you a few if you’d like
I am thinking of cutting off my ear

Marv Himmel
January 1, 2018 ©

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