Missing the Bus

You probably shouldn’t tell your boss
you missed your bus yesterday morning because
you stopped to watch a trail of ants
crossing the walkway in front of you

Or of how your mind began to wander
trying to imagine what the ants were thinking
and if they were thinking
and how they liked their jobs
and if they were happy with their lives

And then wondering what happens
if one of them misses their bus  
and shows up late for work
or maybe not at all
and just calls in sick

Marv Himmel
January 31, 2019 ©

3 thoughts on “Missing the Bus”

  1. Reading this was like noticing the birds chirping outside and realizing that my toes have started dancing in response, freed from my sneakers with the garden dirt packed into the soles, and wondering if I’ve gotten my typical March sunburn but too cat-like sleepy in my sunny armchair to care

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