We Shall See

We shall see now
if we can withstand this storm
if we are as strong and supple as we tell ourselves
or are we made of poor sand
pretty only in summer’s light
but blown to dust under harsh winds

Are we an exploding nova vanishing
or a mature star steady and durable
waiting for a tempest to blow away
before emerging bright and strong again

We are under assault now
will we endure
I am optimistic
I am cynical
we shall see

We shall see

And if we do not endure
who will write the histories
they say the victors write them
so how will those who come after
know of this insanity
for surely they will come for our books
and our photos
they will close the schools and libraries
they will value opinion and blind faith over fact
and subordination over inquiry
and when inquiry is banned
and subordination is rewarded
how will they know
those who come later

So open your log books
unlock your diaries
make notes on your calendars
and in your letters and postings
name names
name those who would bring us down
those who cheer for our demise
who acquiesce
who do nothing
name names
name times and dates and deeds
for if they succeed
one day there must come an accounting
an accurate record
it must not be mistold
it must not be forgotten


It is in the balance now

We shall see

          Marv HImmel
          February 19, 2019 ©

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