Don’t Do It

Fear is a subtle unease
communicable from friends
and family
it infects you early
makes you cautious
creates doubt and holds you back
soon it permeates everything
becomes a way of living

Hear the familiar voice, voices
the cries and murmurs...
you’re not good enough yet
they’ll laugh you know
it will hurt
you’ll fail
perhaps you, I, should wait

But I’ve wasted too much time
I’ve missed so much
and I am tired of waiting
so to Hell with sage advice
the wisdom of age
and good intentions
it’s time to take my chances
see what happens

I’m gonna jump

Marv Himmel
© May 4, 2020

4 thoughts on “Don’t Do It”

  1. I like the sentiment, and I appreciate how neatly you worded it. And yes, it’s definitely not too late!

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